About Us

We are Lawton Stables on Hilton Head Island. We are open 7 days a week, all year and we offer private lessons, a riding academy, trail rides, carriage rides, pony rides, summer riding camp, and a small animal farm. To contact us during office hours please call (843)  671-2586 or visit our website at www.lawtonstableshhi.com.



  1. Hello… we were there yesterday when they were putting Harley on the trailer to go to University of Georgia. My wife was very sad to see him go. Would you please update us as to his recovery through your blog? We hope he’s better soon.

    Bob & Michele Heaney

  2. We truly enjoyed our horseback riding and vacation here, with our Precious Granchildren, Katie and Robert. They had a funtastic time and we all can hardly wait to return. 0:-)

  3. Hi,
    I’m sorry we haven’t kept up this blog! Back in June, Harley had some sort of swelling in a lymph node in a sensitive part, and so we sent him back then to get tested. They didn’t know what it was and it got better with some antibiotics. Since then, Harley has had an injury to his leg and it still isn’t getting better, so we just sent him to UGA again this November for some testing. They still aren’t sure what it is – he may have arthritis or a small problem with one of his joints, so we have to treat him at home for a month and see how it goes. Poor fella – we love him and will see him through this!

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