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Swamp Fox/Lawton Stables IEA teams take championships!

It was a great showing at the Storeybook IEA held today, February 12th in Charleston!   

Despite a temperature of 28 degrees when we got there at 7:30 a.m., the day warmed up to be a good one. Both the High School and Middle School girls took home the championships.! Brittney Parker AND Laura Critz won a whopping 1st in both their over fences and flat classes!  Nicky Geoffroy placed 3rd and 2nd, Michelle Kunz placed 2nd and 5th, Molly O’Neill was 5th and 3rd, Mary Margaret Dodd placed 2nd twice, Lizzy Hammick was 3rd, Allison Kemp was 5th and Britney Kratochvil was 5th. Congratulations to all these girls, as well as to Mary Margaret and Evan!!

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Congrats to Michael Blom for  doing so well in Jacksonville on Vinnie and Fleur! He was awesome! We wish him luck in Ocala. He will be riding for Aaron Vale and may of his horses. Our next IEA show is on Saturday and is a 2 day event! Hopefully the Swamp Fox team is going to kick butt! 🙂 Good Luck IEA!

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Mary Margaret Fly

Lawton Stables would like to welcome our temporary head trainer, Mary Margaret. She will be here until at least May, 2011, when our new Head Trainer, Sam McCarthy will be joining us. Lawton is very happy to have her’ she went to the University of Findlay and was very successful on their equestrian team. She is a wonderful, hard-working girl and is a great new addition and we all hope she loves it down south. Mary Margaret was riding from a young age and was in the top 5 riders of the Findlay team, which has gone to Nationals for a number of years. Good luck from all of us at Lawton and hope you enjoy it!

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Awesome Halloween Show

The Middle School and High School IEA team presented an amazing horse show at Lawton Stables today.  Over 20 riders participated in the 2nd Annual Halloween Horse Show to support their team. Competitors competed in lead rope t0 barrel racing! Check out the pictures. Our junior saddle club riders, lesson students, saddle club members, IEA team AND MOMS competed.  What a beautiful day. There were pony rides, hay rides, face painting, tattoos, pumpking decorating and of course a lot of food and fun. Can’t wait for next Halloween!

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Halloween Horse SHow


All the IEA girls (interscholastic equestrian association) girls are getting ready for the Halloween horse show on October 30th!  All the junior and senior saddle clubbers are getting ready, with the highlight being the costume class! What crazy costumes will there be this year? Stay tuned…

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It takes a lot to be a champion!

Rose Dhu hosted an incredible horse show this weekend, a Battle of the Barns. It was so much fun and the Rose Dhu lot were great hosts. Best of all, almost all the Lawton riders were champions! Though as you can see…it takes a lot to be a champion…

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Summer Camp Week 2: Part 2

More pictures!

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Summer Camp: Week 2! Part 1

I finally found my camera cord!!! And here are the pictures I promised you guys. Don’t forget to friend us on Facebook! This is just part 1, I’ll post more picutres later.

 I think we will all remember to bring hats so our heads don’t get sunburned!

Tinkerbell’s new hair-do is awesome.

Huggie showing at the posting trot!

Nice face, Winnie!

Huggie is rubbing his face on the fence!

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Blog Updates Coming!

Hey guys, we have some exciting updates coming this week. Look for Summer Camp pictures and an introduction to our new pony Danny. This will all be done just as soon as I find my pesky camera cord……grr! Sorry for the delays!

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